Africa Smart Grid Forum from 14 to 16 May 2014 at the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire


THEME : The Smart Grids, a solution for an Emerging Africa

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Usefull Information

  • Welcome at the airport and transportation
    The Félix Houphouët-Boigny International Airport is located 16 km from the center of Abidjan (about 25 minutes). One can change money and traveler’scheques every day from 07:30 till 22:00. AGENCY DKEN will welcome you at the airport. The participant is asked to take the shuttle from the hotel where he booked his room. Those who are accommodated in a hotel which is noton the suggested list will have go there by their own means.

    For your shopping, you can take orange metered taxis in Abidjan and generally metered taxis(cost according to the meter and distance) work 24h/24h. There are also shared taxis called "woro-woro" whichrate is 200 or 500 FCFA. They run from 05:30 to 22:30 every day. Please contact your hotel for more information.

    Rent a car: there are rental companies at Abidjan airport or in the city center: Africar, Avis, Europcar, Budget, etc.. Around 350 € per week for a small sedan. The International Driving Licence is required, as well asan insurance.

    Transportation from hotels to the Forum site will be provided by buses assigned to the Forum every day. Collection times will be announced later.
  • Vaccines and climate
    Mandatory vaccinations before departure You need to be vaccinated regardless of the duration of your stay and the administrative obligations you may have. Ensure that you have one injection at least 10 days before departure (international vaccination center).

    Recommended vaccinations before departure

    • Typhoid
    • Meningococcal meningitis
    NB : Le carnet de vaccination est demandé à l'arrivée (fièvre jaune)

    Located between 4° and 10° north latitude, the territory of Côte d'Ivoire is about 400 km far from the equator along its southern margins, and about 1400 km far from the Tropic of Cancer along its northern borders. The climate is generally hot and humid, therefore representing a transition between the equatorial and the tropical climate[18]. The climate is equatorial along the coast and semi-arid in the extreme north. The country generally experiences major temperature changes between the north and the south, but also throughout the year depending on the seasons. Temperatures hover around 28 ° C on average. Two major climatic zones are mixed: the equatorial climate and the tropical climate of the savanna, which is more or less dry.

    The sub-equatorial climate is characterized by low amplitude temperatures (25° C to 30° C), a high level of humidity (80-90%) and heavy precipitation events, reaching 1766 mm3 in Abidjan and 2129 mm3 in Tabou. This area has two dry seasons and two wet seasons. The major dry season, from December to April, is hot and interspersed with a few rains. The minor dry season covers the months of August and September. As for the rainy seasons, the major one is from May to July and the minor season is from October to November [12].

    The tropical climate with the humid savannah covers the northern part of the south forest area and the southern portion of the savannah region. Temperatures at higher amplitudes range from 14 ° C and 33 ° C, with a humidity of 60% to 70% and annual precipitation of 1200 mm3 in Bouaké. This climatic region has four seasons: two dry seasons from November to March and from July to August and two rainy seasons from June to October and from March to May [12].

    The dry savannah climate mainly applies to the Savannah Region. The daily and annual temperature variations are relatively high, around 20 ° C, the humidity is lower than that of the southern part of the country, ranging from 40% to 50%. The area in question is characterized by the intermittent presence of a cool and dry wind, the “harmattan”, between December and February. Two seasons are noted: the dry season from November to June with some rains in April and the rainy season, from July to October. The average precipitation recorded is 1 203 mm in Korhogo.
  • Banks
    The currency is the CFA franc (XOF).
    The value of the exchange rate in effect for 1 euro is 655,957 CFA francs
    Euro notes are accepted in many shops.
    Traveler’scheques (in Euros only) are only accepted in banks and some hotels in large cities.
    Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted in most hotels, travel agencies and some shops. The main hotels and large banks in Abidjan have ATMs (Visa most often). With a Visa card or a euro cheque book, you can withdraw up to 200,000 FCFA per week in banks. Banks are open weekdays from 08:30 till15:30.

    Orange money and MTN Mobile Money are means of payment for those with a mobile phone.

    You can change money at the following locations :

    At your hotel
    UBA : +225 20 31 22 21
    CITIBANK :+225 20 21 46 10 / +225 20 20 90 00
    BICICI : +225 20 20 18 00
    ECOBANK : +225 20 31 92 00
    SGBCI : +225 20 20 12 34
    SIB : +225 20 20 00 00
    BOA : +225 20 21 80 80
    BANQUE ATLANTIQUE:+225 20 31 59 50 / +225 20 31 19 15
  • Electricity
    The voltage in Côte d'Ivoire is: 220 V (50 Hz). Please note the types of plugs below. You can get adapters in your hotels or in nearby stores. Inquire at the front desk of your hotel.

  • Communication / Pharmacy
    Costs regarding telephone calls, including Internet, shall be borne by the participant. In case of need in this area, please contact the hotel where you are staying or usetelephone boxes or cyber cafés in your neighborhood.
    As an indication, ORANGE, MTN, MOOV and COMIUM provide you with chips for 3000 CFA which include a recharge of 3,000 F CFA.

    Pharmacies are usually

    open from 07:30 till 19:30 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 12:30 on Saturdays. For information:

    • Pharmacie des Lagunes (Marcory Résidentiel – Rue de la Paix) – 21 26 12 40 / 21 26 63 80
    • Pharmacie de Cocody (petit marché Cocody) – 22 44 13 43 / 22 44 24 95
    • Pharmacie du Bld de France – Cocody (Station Shell grand marché) – 22 44 74 08
    • Pharmacie de la Zone 3 (Rez-de-chaussée Imm. Opéra) – 21 35 13 15
    • Pharmacie des II Plateaux (face Sococé) – 22 41 36 04
    • Pharmacie du Commerce – Plateau – 20 32 12 12 / 20 32 40 98
    • Pharmacie Longchamp – Plateau (Imm. Longchamp) 20 22 43 62 / 20 22 23 76
    • Pharmacie Mazuet – Plateau (Rue du Commerce) – 20 32 96 64 / 20 22 21 31
    • Pharmacie du Rond-Point – Treich. (Rond-Point CHU) - 21 35 73 03 / 21 35 13 37
    • Pharmacie du Carrefour – (grand carrefour Marcory sur le VGE)- 21 35 29 70 / 21 35 11 68
    • Pharmacie les halles II Plateaux (Sococé) – 22 41 92 94
    • Pharmacie de la Galerie (Galerie Hayat/Cap Sud) – 21 24 28 41 ;

    ouvre également le dimanche de 08h00 à 14h00 non-stop. Les pharmacies de garde pourraient vous être communiquées sur place.
    Sur Play Store, vous pouvez télécharger l’application Pharmacies de Garde Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Food stores / Meals / Shopping / Tourism / Safety

    Galerie HAYAT / CAP SUD – Marcory (Boulevard Giscard d’Estaing)
    Galerie HAYAT / CAP NORD – Riviéra
    Sococé – II Plateaux (Boulevard des Martyrs)
    Prix Verts (ancien CASH CENTER) – Marcory Résidentiel
    Galerie PEYRISSAC – Plateau (derrière Imm. Le Général)
    Hyper marché PRIMA – Marcory (Boulevard Giscard d’Estaing)


    Where to eat in Abidjan ?
    • Maquis du Val – Cocody (face Lycée Sainte Marie) – +225 22 44 04 64
    • Espace 331 – Cocody (face ex. Collège Jean Mermoz)
    • Restaurant de vos hôtels d’hébergement
    • Le Réservoir – Koumassi (Boulevard Giscard d’Estaing) – +225 21 24 97 85
    • Le Restaurant Soukalo& El Bar de la Vida – Treichville (Boulevard Giscard d’Estaing) – +225 21 25 06 60
    • Aboussouan – Treichville (Boulevard Giscard d’Estaing) – +225 21 24 13 09
    • Tea Room – Pâtisserie Abidjanaise (Bureau ONUCI Zone 3) – +225 21 35 42 18
    • La Gorge d’or – Zone III (Boulevard de Marseille) – +225 21 25 48 89
    • La Case d’Ebène – Plateau (Rue Paris village) – +225 20 21 21 20


    To visit Abidjan or Côte d'Ivoire we suggest you contact AGENCY DKEN which will offer many options. You can visit the website:
    If you are interested in art you can visit:If you are interested in art you can visit:
    La CAVA (Centre Artisanal de la Ville d’Abidjan)
    Grand Marché de Cocody (face Commissariat de Cocody)
    Grand Marché de Treichville
    Marché de Belleville
    To learn all about Abidjan consult the website Abidjan Planet :
  • Visa.
    Participants are kindly requested to approach the various diplomatic missions of Côte d'Ivoire in their country for visa. Site Web:

    The biometric visa is mandatory. Please join the following documents to your visa application form (downloadable from the website of the Embassy): passport with 6 month validity after the return date, a recent passport photograph, photocopies of your passport, proof of home address and activity, a hotel reservation or legalized invitation letter of your host, a copy of your return airplane ticket. Make an appointment on

    It will be possible for any visitor, or any investor in Côte d'Ivoire , who could not apply for a visa on departure to take it upon arrival in the conditions that meet all safety standards and all international standards.

    NB : Perform today your E-Biometric visa online:

    Before planning your trip to Ivory Coast, check the status of your vaccinations. You must travel with your health record. Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory. Protection proved 10 days after injection (except in case of recall: immediate protection). It is therefore important no to leave it to the last minute
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